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From a Fangirl

Stories (of all kinds) from a girl who is obsessed with everything...

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25 June 1993
I am a fan junkie who gets obsessed with things incredibly easily. Currently, my obsessions include:

Harry Potter, Thief Lord, FAKE (manga), Yami no Matseui (manga/anime), RENT, Wicked, Sweeney Todd, and Tokio Hotel.

When I am obsessed with someone, I: scream, swoon, read fanfiction, watch fanvids, and get high off of anything and everything related to those fandoms! XD Welcome to the life of a complete fangirl and a complete pervert...Shh...

I am a huge writer, of both fanfiction (although it takes me forever to write one) and fiction. I also love reading, not just fanfiction, but real, published books too. And I will listen to any music, and watch almost any movie. I'm a little pickier about books, and I'm not a huge fan of Twilight...to put it lightly.

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